Here's how it works:

  1. Your incoming email will be diverted to a Gmail label by creating a filter in Gmail settings.
  2. At times you specify (hourly or at specific times) we'll move those emails to your Inbox.
  3. You can always peek ahead; undelivered emails will just be in the BatchedInbox label in your Gmail.
  4. You can temporarily or permanently disable batching of your email at any time.

We never:

How can I receive certain emails immediately?

Yes! There are a few different ways:

  1. Simply keep urgent emails your Inbox (don't archive them). New replies to anything already in your Inbox will show up immediately.
  2. If you want to see replies sooner to an email you just sent, move the sent email to your Inbox. This works like the previous option.
  3. If you need to check emails from a specific person, you can perform a search in Gmail for that contact or subject, instead of looking through your entire BatchedInbox label.
  4. If you have certain contacts that should always bypass BatchedInbox, see the next question

What if I'd just like certain contacts to bypass BatchedInbox?

If you'd like to have emails from certain people immediately, create a new filter with the from addresses you'd like (separate multiple emails with an uppercase "OR"). On the second step, select "Never send it to Spam". The second step is not particularly important, however because this filter comes after the BatchedInbox filter you previously created, emails from these contacts will appear immediately in your Inbox.

Can I use BatchedInbox to batch updates from Twitter/Facebook/RSS?

Certainly! Configure social sites to email you on relevant actions, and you'll get updates with your email batches.

Want to batch RSS? Try a service like Blogtrottr that emails RSS updates.

How can I hide the BatchedInbox label in Gmail? That's distracting!

Simply hover over the label, click the arrow that appears on the right, and select "Hide" under "In label list:"

How do I disable BatchedInbox?

Advanced Gmailers rejoice! BatchedInbox also plays well with and Gmail SmartLabels

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